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beth thomas now, The news of this great woman 2019

14 abril, 2019

beth thomas now, The news of this great woman


In 1992, the case of the psychopathic girl beth thomas shocked the United States and the world.
This adorable girl had an incredible impulse to hurt her brother and her adoptive parents, who even thought about killing them.

Everything was revealed through a documentary on HBO titutalo · “Child Of Rage” · a story of abuse and sadness.

beth thomas now
entrevista realizada por un psicólogo

Beth thomas today

here you can know what happened to beth thomas brother… Currently beth was able to rebuild her life, to help other children in situations like her. I study and graduate as a nurse being awarded on occasion for her work performance.

2019. today at age 36 he wrote a book entitled “More Than A Thread Of Hope”  telling his story.

beth thomas
beth thomas y su madre





Beth Thomas biography of the psychopathic girl in Spanish, lost her mother when she was 1 year old. She and her brother were left in the care of their biological father, who sexually abused them both. Luckily the abuses were detected by the doctors, and were welcomed by a social worker. Where was Beth Thomas born? in the United States in the 80s.

Beth thomas family

Months later Beth Thomas and her brother were adopted by a Christian couple. The couple was very excited to have them at home, since they could not have children.

Everything seemed fine, until Beth started having strange behaviors. Most of the time he said he had nightmares, then they started to notice that something was not right.


beth thomas and jonathan thomas brothers.

In the aftermath of her nightmares about a man falling on her and hurting her, Beth began to hurt her Jonathan Thomas brother of Bethes Thomas and later his parents. They also said that at times, the girl manifested inappropriate sexual behaviors; He came to masturbate publicly, even excessively, to the point of hurting and bleeding.

it was a very difficult child for johathan thomas the brother of the psychopath girl.

this is what Brother Jonathan Thomas looks like today
Jonathan thomas today

It is said on the Internet that beth killed his brother, but it is a false claim.


Small part of the interview with the psychopathic girl:

– “Dr. Ken: Are people afraid of you, Beth?

-Beth: Yes.

-Dr. Ken: Are your parents afraid of you?

-Beth: Yes.


-Dr. Ken: What would you do with them?

-Beth: Stab them.

-Dr. Ken: What would you do with your brother?

-Beth: Kill him.

-Dr. Ken: Who would you like to put pins in?

-Beth: In mom and dad.

You can see the full interview here:

Psychological analysis

After a long interview, the psychologist decides to intern the girl in a treatment center for children with different behavioral disorders. Beth Thomas was diagnosed with a severe attachment disorder, which is characterized by the development of the inability to establish healthy and appropriate relationships, due in this case to the history of sexual abuse and abuse by her father.


Photo ofBeth Thomas
Beth Thomas
(beth thomas now )
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